VK Login

Sign in to VK.com

Go to the login page: http://vk.com/.

How to Log in to your VK Account

  1. Enter your phone or email address in the first field of the login box on the upper left side of the page.
  2. Type in your Vkontakte user password in the “Password” box.
  3. Click “Log in”.

How to Access your VK Account on Mobile

There are several ways to sign in to VK.com using a mobile device. The first one is by simply going to Vkontakte’s mobile site at https://m.vk.com/ where you’ll be able log in with your username (phone or email) and password, once you’ve entered entered the required information just click “Log in”. The only problem with this method is that you’ll have to enter your VK login credentials every single time that you try to access the site.

To make things easier and also quicker you could instead download VK’s mobile app, however, and probably the only downside I can think of to this option is that not everyone can use it, because the VK app is only available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. If you want to use this method then simply go to Google Play to download the app for Android, go to the Apple App Store to get it for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), or go to the Windows Apps and Games Store if you’re trying to access the network on a Windows Phone.

After downloading and installing the app simply go to your phone’s home screen, tap on the VK icon to launch the app, enter your login credentials (phone or email and password), and then tap “Log in”.

VK.com is a social network for people all around the world, it helps users communicate comfortably and efficiently on the web or on mobile. After signing up for an account and logging in you can message your friends, share photos, watch movies, listen to music, join communities, play games, meet new people, and more.